Welcome to the very best website to buy your Solar epdm pool heating. We supply you with the best heating for your pool. Against the lowest price.

Below a picture of my son and I in our 28 ° swimming pool. It just makes us a pleasure if we can contribute that you can also enjoy a summer day in a warm pool.

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Delivery time  

Pool heating Direct ordering and delivery time between 1-2 working days. You do not have to wait for quotes, with ditjes and datjes, with us all prices and products are immediately clear and complete, you can simply order directly through our webshop, and you will receive the invoice directly by email and later the track and trace from the shipment to your home.

We think that is normal and as it is heard in a sustainable and green society.

And if you forgot to order something, no problem, just call us and we’ll take care of it.

Build your own Solar, about an hour work

We teach you to make the pool heating epdm collectors yourself and so we do not have to earn on wages, time and labor. We do not pretend it is difficult to customize your pool heating, we tell you how easy and fast it really is. Choose quality, service and trust. If you have any questions about your swimming pool heating installation, you can always visit, call, app or email me. There has never been a customer who could not assemble the pool heating themselves, it is about 1 hour of work. You can do it, and certainly with a handy friend or family member. Save yourself allot of money.

Is it possible to tailor-make and assemble anyone? Because you just do that with kitchen scissors!


You have a 2-year warranty, but with this guarantee, it really does not stop with us. We can always help you with things like extra tubes, nipples or extra expansions on your existing system. In the winter, empty the collection pipes with our empty cap and flush the solar pool heating with tap water.

We assist you with advice and action for years, you are satisfied and enjoy and tell others.

Most Channels, 66 pieces!

We have the most channels per running meter epdm heating, namely 66 pieces per m2 epdm heating, that is compared to fellow competitors 10% to 40% more heat yield! Compare it.

Dimensions, every size and shape is possible.

The pool heating epdm solar collectors can be made in any desired size. Do you have something special, just call me. They are ecological and green and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

We sell smart fastening options, using a solar fixing belt set , you can use this set on tiled roofs, bitum roofs, golf roofs, fences, scaffolding and on the ground. Basically on any surface on which the collectors want to assemble or lay.

For which pools, for all swimming pools.

You have a structural swimming pool of concrete or plastic prefab swimming pool, or you have a large or small immersion bath. It does not matter. Everyone wants and can now swim warm with a minimal investment. If you do not have a pump, we also supply you with an efficient sand filter with a pump that has a head (Hmax) of 6 meters. The Hmax on your pump indicates the number of meters that it can pump in height. 

Your pool is a relaxation. You also want to swim very early in the season and very late in the season. It is possible with solar epdm pool heating. You also want the swimming pool to be as warm as possible. With us 30 degrees is very normal in the summer, and we guarantee that you will also have to turn off the collectors with a simple ‘by-pass’ (see shop) because otherwise your swimming pool will be too HOT in high summer.

With the swimming pool, pool heating, you will finally be able to turn on the lights in the evening, and swim in warm water in the evening and night. Without heating you get at most 22c and you can not swim in the evening or night, but with our epdm super pool solar collectors pool heating is. Free your pool warm on solar energy

Which pool heating is best? We know it!

Epdm solar collectors, heat bulb, heat board, central heating or swimming pool heat pump?

A heat pump, which also makes a humming sound, or a central heating boiler to heat your pool is simply too expensive. An investment in our pool solar solar collectors is comparable with the heat pump power / cv gas consumption of 1 year. A heat bulb has 1 thick pipe through which the water goes, with us 66 small channels per m2 so that the pool water is heated much faster and better by the sun.

Our swimming pool collectors do not use extra electricity, because they rotate with the existing filter pump, the pump ensures that all pool water passes through the solar collectors, so it is heated by the sun, the epdm collectors do not have to be maintained either, you rinse them easy at the end of the swimming season through our smart water tap connection. You do not want the chlorine or salt water 6 months in the winter. In this way there is clean tap water in the epdm, the collection tube then you empty with our cap, which you leave off.

The pool heating epdm has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years!

  • Pool heating EPDM is  frost resistant
  • Made in every size and walkable
  • Extremely long life
  • Small investment and environmentally friendly
  • For every pool, large or small Intex pool
  • Easy to assemble by everyone

How much water, and how fast? 3 to 5 degrees per day is possible!

Our collectors are firmly attached to the 22 nipple collection tubes after assembly. You do not have to squeeze our collectors, you send as much as possible m3 of water through it, so that a lot of water is heated up. The more and faster the water goes through, the faster your pool will be warm. You expose more m3 of water to heat absorption, and cold water absorbs heat more quickly as hot water.

Why are we the cheapest?

Just because we have the smartest system. Our collectors do not have clamps, O rings, tyraps or the like. They do not need rubber rings, steel clamps or clips. Everything fits perfectly with 50 mm as standard size for the large swimming pools. You can then use this size with our unique gradient if you wish to run to 40 mm, 38 mm or 32 mm. In a pvc or intex pool hose connection! We do not supply parts that you do not need.

That is convenient and unique! With our handy extension nipples you use every piece of epdm to warm up your swimming pool. That is also good for the environment and that keeps our price low.

You can lay or make our collectors around obstacles such as air pipes, skylights or chimneys. This is really simple and convenient and we are unique in this too. Our solar collectors epdm are practicable, so you can fill your entire roof. And we advise you that too, after all, the work often remains almost the same, and if you can, you can put some more collectors.

We advise 12m2 solar for every 15m3 water, to swim early in spring and long in the autumn. For summer only swimmers that can be 8m2 solar. If you do not get the exact ratio, we advise you to install the automatic control.

We know from experience that people want to be able to enjoy a summer day early in the year and late in the year. So that’s why we advise you more collectors. Our customers want to be able to swim warm, yes, very nice and warm. From a small investment you have so many years of summer fun for you, your family, family and friends.

What do we do for the environment?

  • We do bulk send your order.
  • We add small PVC and parts to larger boxes.
  • With our extension nipples you use all epdm parts, so minimal rubber waste.
  • Our company administration is exclusively digital.
  • We do not drive through the country, but give advice by telephone, app, photos and videos
  • We do not supply extra parts that you do not need and have to throw away